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How it Works

See how our payment process works, and everything you need to know
about your youbill account.

The Payment Process

1. Sell

Your customer chooses to purchase and clicks ‘Buy Now’ on your shopping cart or website.

2. Pay

Your customer is instantly transferred to your secure youbill payment page where they enter their credit card details.

3. Payment

youbill’s gateway processes your customer’s payment instantly and stores the funds in your sub- merchant facility.

4. Receive
Your Funds

youbill transfers the funds from your sub-merchant facility directly to your nominated bank account.

Your youbill Account

When you sign up to youbill, you will be given your very own sub-merchant facility and a secure payment gateway. youbill is a Master Merchant, letting us provide your business with an individual sub-merchant facility, much like a direct merchant account you would get with your bank. Once your account is set up, you can start selling on your website or over the phone instantly.

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